Astronomy at a pub near you.

AstroPub is the result of a beer-fuelled conversation between Jim Anning and Mike Agg.

We both run different (free and open-to-the-public) pub-based events (Reading Geek Night and Reading Skeptics in the Pub) and are both keen amateur astronomers - so why not combine the two?

Last year we started organising telescopes-in-a-pub-garden events around Reading. Every one we have done so far has been great. But why stop there? It's such a simple, easy-to-do idea, why not see if we can encourage people to run similar events in other parts of the country. We built this site to start the ball rolling.

Pub landlords seem to love the extra trade (and let's face it, who else would be mad enough to use their beer garden on a cold dark winters night?). It's fun to do a bit of informal observing if the weather's clear, and if it's not clear then at least we all get to meet and chat with some like-minded people.

Please sign up if you are interested in either attending, or organising an event near you